The Thai Society of Hematology (TSH)

The Thai Society of Hematology (TSH) was established in 1978, with the objective of being the center for hematologists, scientists and others interested in hematology. It is also responsible for the residency/fellowship training, promoting of scientific activities and research within the field and has established ongoing connection with numerous international hematology societies. At present, there are 865 members including physicians, scientists, nurses and pharmacists. Throughout its over 40 years of establishment, TSH has initiated and implemented significant progressive developments that have benefited the country.

Current Hematology development in Thailand
The curriculum of subspecialty in Hematology was initiated in 1980, under the auspices of the Royal College of Physicians of Thailand and Royal College of Pediatricians of Thailand. The curriculum received accreditation by the Medical Council, and at present there are 467 Board certified hematologists. TSH also collaborates with the Royal College of Physicians of Thailand and the Royal College of Pediatricians of Thailand in the training and certification of diplomas in Internal Medicine. TSH has organized training courses in hematology for more than 20 years with approximately 25-30 graduated hematologists per year. With its partner institutions, TSH has also played an important role in making the general public awareness and government concern of hematological diseases.

Scientific activities

Every year, educational course for young hematology trainees, short course for general practitioners, intensive course of palliative care for hematology trainee, mid-year meeting, refresher course for hematologists, inter-hospital conferences (8 conferences per year), and TSH international symposia.

We have also regularly organized and hosted international conferences including World Federation of Hemophilia Congress 2004, the World Congress of ISH 2008, Highlights of ASH®in Asia-Pacific 2015, Highlights of ASH in Asia-Pacific 2019, ISTH Workshop 2017 and numerous Asia-Pacific Congresses in Hematology.

Furthermore, we have been developing the Thai Clinical Practice Guidelines for all common hematological diseases and publishing the Journal of Hematology and Transfusion Medicine.